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Our Stage 4 Covid-19 Response : We Are Open

At Reclaim, we are committed to providing high quality care to each of our clients in the safest way possible - given each person's specific needs. 

We understand that your situations and needs are different to those around you. So we have a number of options available to help you continue to reach your goals... whilst keeping you as safe as possible. 

Covid-19 is serious, and we understand the stress and feeling of overwhelm that is being experienced by many of our clients at the moment as a result. 

How prepared are we to manage the needs of Clients in a world with Covid-19?

As highly trained health professionals, maintaining strong hand hygiene and infection control is already a core feature of our practice, however within the context of Covid-19, additional strategies are being rolled out as outlined below. 

As explained by the World Health Organisation, maintaining excellent hand hygiene and infectious disease prevention strategies are effective in managing and preventing the spread of viruses such as Covid-19. 

We are dedicated to giving you peace of mind.


Therefore, In addition to our already rigorous cleaning and disinfecting schedules, all equipment taken into any home will be cleaned prior every use. 

Where a staff member feels unwell, they will not be performing visits at home and will be working in isolation so that the risk to others is removed. 

Where possible, sessions will be completed via tele-health, and where face to face visits are required, social distancing practices will be implemented. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your therapy goals are met in a manner which is effective and safe. If you have any specific concerns or needs, please discuss this with your therapist, and to the leadership team as need. 

How you can do your part? 

If you feel unwell, or someone in your home does, please let your therapist know prior to any scheduled visit. We need to work together to prevent the spread of this virus, as well as the fear that many experience. Therefore, even if you are unwell with a general cold, we need to know. 

Find Tasmanian Government below

(this is a great resource - even though we are in Victoria)

Self assessment for Risk of Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Video - good hygine starts here

What is the NDIS / Government doing to help?

The NDIS has released a statement outlining their support for NDIS providers and participants,  as we are all in this together - with the ultimate goal of working for your improved quality of life. This includes protection for services where cancellations of appointments occur due to illness or sickness.


This Government strategy takes away for many the stress of wondering if they should or shouldn't cancel their face to face appointment due to illness.


However, we encourage you to discuss any cancelation for this reason with your therapist so that we can find an alternate solution should it be possible as we may be able to convert your session to an alternate mode (ie: tele-health) to help move your story forward. 

What are we doing moving forward?

Our leadership are keeping informed with the changing face of this situation and will be adding additional layers of strategy to ensure our support of your goals through this time. 

check back here for any updates

Click here for COVID-19 Government resources.

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