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Reclaim Therapy (soon to be Kadia Therapy) has been serving the local and wider community for over 6 years and continues to grow on word of mouth demand to meet the needs of youth, adults and older adults living with disabilities in the Eastern, South Eastern and Outer Eastern regions of Melbourne.


Our service has provided both face to face and virtual services as a core part of our practice.


With Covid-19, our clinical services have pivoted to be largely virtual, with full telehealth connectivity.


The team is fully supported to make the best choices for them, and their own families - with the team and mangement working together to ensure excellent client outcomes continue irrespective of the current challenges. 

To hear what out team have to say, check out the positions open page on our website:

Our team have opened up a growth position for a Grade 2  to grow to the next level of boutique service provision.

If you have community, complex seating, disability or assistive technology experience and believe that this is the environment in which you will thrive...

Then we want to hear from you! 

As A Clinician Lead Service... 

  • The voices of the clinicical team are trusted, valued and appreciated.

  • We are constantly developing ways to improve our client’s experience, and our own. We have the support and resources to thrive.  

  • We work in a space where we trust each other.

  • We are more than ‘just colleagues’. We invest in each other, and work together to help each other out.

  • We respect each others boundaries, and know how to ask when we don’t know.

  • We keep our word to each other and our clients and we own up to mistakes – knowing that making amends is always best.

  • We keep the confidences of those around us, and know our management work hard to create a safe space for us.

  • We choose courage, even when its not easy and we hold close to our values, encouraging each other when we act outside of them.

  • As a team or individual, we can ask for what we need, and talk about how we feel in safety.

  • We give the benefit of the doubt and treat each other with curiosity when we do not understand.

  • We seek to add value to every interaction and focus on creating transformational moments in how we delivery quality care.


What Your New Role Looks Like:

You will predominantly be working in the NDIS space, providing direct and indirect Occupational Therapy Services across a varied case load. We support clients generally from teenagers and up, across physical and neurological conditions – and their families.

At Reclaim, no two days look the same – and its up to you to design the best workflow that meets your lifestyle. 

Some of the tasks you may find yourself doing on any one day are….

  • Working with Clients to help them achieve their goals through client-focused Occupational therapy across all domains of life 

  • Collaborating with the team to explore out of the box, boutique, clinically sound client centred solutions.

  • Participating in Mentoring and Supervision (yes they are two separate things!)

  • Celebrating wins and successes with your team, your clients and your connected community.

  • Attending formal and informal professional development at training as well as team social events.


At Reclaim we are an energetic and experience centric team. We know that getting you started strongly, with clear mentoring, supervision and career development pathway, together we will build a solid foundation for your own clinical growth and career development.

Our Leadership team has a clear career progression plan, with internal promotions not being dependent on staff movement. This means that you are valued for all that you bring to the team, and your goals are nurtured.

What's on offer:

  • Genuine career development opportunities - within a growing organisation. 

  • Build and maintain a lifestyle rhythm that works – with working from home options, out and about or in our beautiful modern office space,

  • flexible arrangements, and ADO’s 

  • Mentorship and ongoing training (internal / External) - above EBA guidelines.   

  • Work iPhone, MacBook, iPad and personal alarm provided

  • Regular team celebrations and team day outs

  • Access to external professional development services for career progression and wellbeing as well as our confidential counselling support service.

  • Passionate leave – customised leave arrangements for travel, career breaks, passion projects or life events without breaking continuity of service.

  • Employee incentives such as performance-based bonuses 

  • Flexible working hours and work from home

  • Paid parental leave 

  • Comprehensive assistance from our admin team to help you work seamlessly 

For us, being our best selves at work and in life means that we want to make sure you also can thrive.

We are looking for someone with a career in mind – not just a job. Someone who is the right personality and cultural fit – and someone who thrives on journeying with the team.

We are open to full and part timers, so…

This role is right for you if…

  • You enjoy being supported to be your best self.

  • You are looking for a career that will extend you – and not just a job.

  • Have life commitments that mean that working a 9-5 is hard… OR

  • Want to work usual hours... with some added flexibility as needed.

  • You’re a people person who thrives on others success.

  • You are driven, autonomous and have a proven track record of pursuing life goals.

  • Has a heart of learning

  • Love celebrating each others, and collective wins.

  • Are willing to jump in and help when someone needs

  • Has awesome organisational skills to manage high level autonomy effectively.

  • Has 7+ years of experience including community health / assistive technology and/or home modifications.

  • Have a valid licence and reliable car

  • Can provide evidence of APRAH registration as an Occupational Therapist and relevant checks.

This role is not for you if:

  • You are more interested in yourself than working as a team

  • You are more interested in doing what is fun than what is right

  • Are unable to be authentic and transparent in your work

  • Does not appreciate growing nor the challenges that result in growing.

  • Unable to be flexible to the needs of the team, service or clients.

  • Unwilling to work as a team, placing yourself front and center for attention

  • You pull down the culture of the team by not upholding the values of the team.

If you believe this role is for you, please submit the following to: and include 

  1. Cover Letter outlining what you uniquely bring to this role. 

  2. An up to date CV demonstrating your relevant experience in relation to this role. 

  3. The results of the 16 Personalities test found at

As this is a highly desirable role, interviews will be offered as applications are received. 

Have questions? Or want to have a confidential conversation regarding your career journey?


Then call Janelle on 0400 122 514 or email

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